You're one of a kind

This is my first completed 3D render ever and also the first one done in Blender. Before, I ran through a couple tutorials (Blender in general, color, composition, light, etc.). The goal for the first version of this image was to just get something done on my own.

I wanted to make use of something reflective and also a single light source to create a strong focal point. During the process I really liked the solitary feeling the composition created. Almost like in a lonely soul in a big city, special yet similar to everybody around it. Also the reflection of the red ball appeals to the fact that our personality is reflected in people that surround us.

After I completed this render, I focused on tutorials again and completed a couple other artworks. When I had a look at this one again, I wanted to improve it a bit.

The second version adds a little story element because there is a second ball in the image that is broken. Not only is it broken but nobody seems to care either, because it’s in complete darkness. The only things highlighted are the broken pieces surrounding it - how sad.

It should tell us that while we are unique and strong, we have to take good care of ourselves.