SciFi Holotable

After doing the You’re one of a kind and Bearded Axe, I felt like I need to try and slowly work towards creating full scenes. In this piece I tried to create something more complex that I planned to use in a full SciFi scene.

It’s the first time that I used many different individual meshes and also the first time using more of a hardops modelling style. I learnt a lot from Josh Gambrell especially regarding quads vs ngons. The details, like the LEDs and buttons, are done with Decal Machine. In the end I had to admit that I wasn’t really able to keep the hardops workflow under control yet. So, I ended up with a very ugly stretched texture on the vertical piece between the foot and table.

This piece took a very long time for me to complete and I realized that I was still far away from being able to create a full scene - let alone a full game. Especially the hologram took a lot of tinkering with different paramters and systems until I got it right.

The spaceship is from Blendswap.