First Outdoor Scene

My first outdoor scene - yay :slight_smile:. I’ve used Unreal Engine again, assets and textures are from Quixel, Poliigon and the Epic Marketplace. The landscape was created with Quadspinner Gaea (first time using it).

I stretched quite a bit too far in this project. Initially I just wanted to create some small outdoor scene with just some trees and grass and stuff. Then when I learned about Auto Materials and the tutorial used a mountain generated in Gaea I couldn’t stop.

Unfortunately, adding too many new elements to learn is really showing because the end result lacks in quality / polish and composition. Furthermore, the performance of the project got out of control so that I has to work with 1fps at the end which meant it was very cumbersome.

From an artistic perspective I should do more things like blockouts, gray scale image checks, blurry image checks, define a composition concept, prepare a value scale and colors I’d like to use. There’s lots to improve and take away from this scene. Also the fact that I read the book “Art Fundamentals” but apparently am unable to apply even 10% from it.

Still, I’m very proud because it’s a first in many things and also because I set myself a deadline by when I want to have it finished and made it happen - had work many very late nights though…

After getting the scene about 85% done, I asked for feedback on an art focused Discord server. They gave me some really good tipps. However, I quickly noticed that I won’t be able to follow through with all of them because I was just too overwhelmed by the scene and all the new things I learned.

Screenshot 2022-01-01 022754
Screenshot 2022-01-01 022807

Screenshot 2022-01-01 022655
Screenshot 2022-01-01 022846

Screenshot 2022-01-01 022714

Thanks to this feedback I fixed the color of the lake, added a dog to at least try and establish a primary focal point, added some fog on the left and generally played with distance fog. All these things certainly improved the picture.

Thank you again for the great feedback I got in that discord server :slight_smile:

After I finished the piece, I posted to two other discord servers.

One was a non-art focused server. I got pretty good feedback from there. That’s because they are mostly not artists and also because they know that I’m still a beginner. Still, very happy to have received great feedback and got the chance to share my work.

The second server was again one with many artists and game developers in it. Naturally, the feedback was a lot more specific. It’s a blessing that I got all these nice tips and advice, thank you so much.

The feedback I got from the art community is a lot closer to my own gut feeling. I did a great job considering what I learned this time around and how inexperienced I still am regarding composition, colors, etc. However, I’ve got a lot of work to do, because the final image isn’t pleasing to the eye, there is a large gap between my work and more experienced artists.