Unreal Engine useful keyboard shortcuts

Some shortcuts that are useful when working with different editors of Unreal Engine. So I don’t forget…

Abbreviation Full Name
LMB Left Mouse Button
RMB Right Mouse Button
MMB Middle Mouse Button


Keys Action
F10 Snaps all distracting UI panels away - kind of like fullscreen
F11 True fullscreen view
“Create” menu + Ctrl + LMB Add the clicked object but doesn’t close the context menu! So you can place multiple
Ctrl + W Duplicate and offset copied object slightly. Useful in all node-based editors but also works in viewport


Keys Action
RMB Rotate Camera
RMB + W Move forwards
RMB + S Move backwards
RMB + A Move left
RMB + D Move right
RMB + E Move up
RMB + Q Move down
RMB + Scroll Wheel Adjust navigation speed
Alt + LMB Rotate around selected object (use F first to focus)
Alt + RMB Zoom in and out of an object
Ctrl + W Duplicate selected object
Alt + Move in one direction Duplicate selected object and move it
Move Object + Shift Lock camera to object while moving it
G Show/Hide Widgets in Viewport
LMB + gizmo ball + V Snap gizmo to vertices of other objects
MMB on gizmo sphere Change position of gizmo / 0-point. Only temporarily goes back once you deselect the object.
MMB + Alt + V Snap gizmo on vertices
F Focus on currently selected object
Alt + Drag on Gizmo Duplicate current object(s)
Ctrl + B Find asset in asset browser
Ctrl + Alt + LMB drag Creates selection area to multi-select objects
Ctrl + G Group selected meshes
MMB + Drag If you’re in an orthographic view then you can measure objects with it. Dimension is in Unreal Units. Only works in non-perspective mode e.g. Top
H Hide selected object
Ctrl + H Unhide selected object
Ctrl + L Rotate the sun (horizontal and vertical)
Ctrl + B With an object selected, jump to it in the content browser (nice to quickly find objects)
Ctrl + E Open up asset settings editor

Material Editor

Shortcut Action
RMB hold Pan
RMB click Open search bar, you can also do this while dragging a connection
s (hold) + LMB Create a parameter / value node
Ctrl + LMB drag Drag multiple connections at once
l (hold) + LMB Create a lerp node
T + LMB Place texture sample node
M + LMB Place a multiply node
1 + LMB Create scalar value
2 + LMB Create 2D vector
3 + LMB Create 3D vector / RGB
4 + LMB Create 4D vector / RGBA
Ctrl + LMB drag If done on a node with multiple outputs, it will grab all outputs, so you can reassign all outputs at once to a new node