Mad Jealousy - first complete scene

I’m extremly proud of this one because it’s my very first own scene and also because it’s my first piece done in Unreal Engine.

After seeing how much work it took to finish the SciFi Holotable, I had to incorporate thirdparty assets in my workflow. There was just no way I could ever have created a complete scene or a full level (for a game) without thirdparty assets. Especially because I’m doing this as a hobby.

In the beginning my goal was to start with Blender and then switch to Unity for game development. However, at that time I had no idea Unreal Engine was free and also that it came with thousands of free assets right out of the gate! To speed up my journey, I decided to get started with Unreal Engine.

The scene is supposed to show a drama unfolding where the woman is either cheating on or has recently broke up with the knife guy. The lighting was chosen to purposely put the knife guy in a dark and cold environment while the woman sits in the light.

As for the lighting itself, I don’t think I did a very good job here. There doesn’t seem to be enough ambient light, but I didn’t know how to fix that. I struggled a lot with the truck’s head lights and was also very confused which of the three light types to use (static, stationary, movable).

There are also other issues. For example the feet of the guy sitting at the table don’t touch the ground. That happened because I was using people from an asset pack that came in that pose, without any rig included. So it would have been hard to change their pose. Also, I don’t like how there is a highlight on the left side, where there shouldn’t be one. It feels distracting. The knife guy also seems to be stuck with his foot in the ground…